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  • Zachery Tyson Brown

    Zachery Tyson Brown

    A strategic futurist contemplating the intersection of national security, defense, and disruptive technologies with empathy, skepticism, and hopefully, insight.

  • Joshua Baer

    Joshua Baer

    I help people quit their jobs and become entrepreneurs @CapitalFactory @UTAustin @WPEngine @PostUpDigital @Pingboard @TexasTribune @EF_Fellows @AspenInstitute

  • Daniel H

    Daniel H

  • Erin Krayer

    Erin Krayer

  • Jason Yee

    Jason Yee

    Problem solver

  • Jordan Yee

    Jordan Yee

  • Captain Zach

    Captain Zach

    I go by Zach, Uncle Zach, and Captain Zach (USAF). Currently a full-time MBA at the University of CO— Boulder and firmly believe that people are everything.

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